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Setting and Meeting Your Goals in Life

Blog by Steven Bergg and Allen Epp | December 31st, 2013

goalsAs the New Year comes in we all tend to plan for the year ahead. Whether you are just resolving to follow a few New Year’s Resolutions or setting detailed goals for 2014, here are a few quick essential do’s and don’ts I have learned through years of planning and execution. 

Do write it down

It is scientifically proven you are many times more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down.  Once written the mind stores a goal and is often working on it when you are not!  Annette and I wrote a list of goals shortly after we came to Canada.  We went crazy and put down things we could not dream of having or doing at that time. I found the list 12 years later when I was looking for some real estate paperwork from 1993.  Guess what... we had reached every milestone! 

Don’t forget to set some kind of goal for your physical fitness

I have a client who was once a brain surgeon at the UCLA hospital and is currently a professor at U.B.C.O.  He tells me that he has seen so much data on resistance weight training having a positive effect on the mind that he is now 100% sure of the benefits. In some cases people started exercising and actually reversed early effects of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  A sharp mind is essential for achieving one’s goals.  Regardless of the benefits to us cognitively, exercise gives us energy and that improves all aspects of our lives from relationships to work ethic. 

Do speak your goals

When I first learned this in 1992 I used to drive around in my car saying (with passion) “I am going to sell five houses this month.”  I must have looked like a raving lunatic to people around me. But weirdly, it works. I am not sure why, maybe it just makes our own nervous systems more aware of opportunity?  I know when our team starts talking about the number of homes we plan to sell, deals seem to start appearing from nowhere.  Last fall I was driving away from an area in which we had four listings all over 700k, two over two million.  Nothing had sold over half a million in a long time there and we had four!  As I drove home I must have repeated over 30 times enthusiastically “We were going to sell all four homes for a great price.”  Since then three have sold! 

Don’t get down if you don’t achieve your goals

I set a goal of 100 deals in 2013 and we came up 9 short. However, I don’t think we would have sold as many as we did were it not for our pursuit of the goal.  We had to raise our service levels, increase our advertising budget and get really creative. All these things helped us and gave us a competitive edge.  Reaching the goal is secondary to what you become in pursuit of your targets. We all certainly become better REALTORS and marketers in search of our 100! 

- Steven Bergg