Q & A - Steven BERGG


Why did you decide to be a REALTOR®?


When I first came to Canada, I was offered a job in Toronto as a bodyguard for a top bank executive but decided that was not for me. So, I bought a book called How to Master the Art of Selling written by Tom Hopkins who is a former REALTOR® to read while on the plane to Edmonton. By the time I landed I had decided what I would sell Real Estate!  It seems like a big change but in reality, the two careers have a lot in common.  Few people ever succeed at a high level, you need to be prepared to work long hours under stress and failure is not an option if you want to complete your mission. Although nobody has ever shot at me during a real estate negotiation! 


What is the best part of your career as a REALTOR®?


I have so many answers to that question! I love my job and have fun doing it.  Each day offers fresh challenges and opportunities unlike any that came before.  It's never boring! I also get to meet so many interesting and fun people from young first time buyers to CEO's and sports celebrities.  Most clients end up being friends too which is nice, but most important is the difference I can make for people.  I get to help people at some critical points of their lives when success is very important and the pressure is on. I love that kind of pressure, I really love it.  I think the most fun of all is a challenge that nobody else could do prior, such as selling a home that expired three times and getting it sold so people can finally move on with their lives. That's a great feeling for both me and my clients and it's so rewarding. 


Favourite Book, Food & Movie?


I love non-fiction books, I am a PASSIONATE reader of sales, marketing, psychology, autobiographies and business books.  I still read every day for at least 30 minutes. I think we should never stop striving to improve our understanding and skills or trying to be a better person and for me,  reading helps me achieve this on-going mission.  I love Indian food, but I like to cook Italian. My favourite movie is Good Will Hunting (RIP Robin Williams) but I love any movie that can make me laugh, cry or really make me think and still have me thinking the next day...