Selling Your Home

When you decide you may want to sell your property the REALTOR(c) statistical data has always shown you choose will make a substantial difference in the amount of money you net, the time & trouble it takes. Success leaves clues:
  1. Our listing sales & marketing specialist has been the most awarded REALTOR(c) at RE/MAX since he joined in 2011. No other REALTOR has enjoyed as much success in selling homes.
  2. We have sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of homes that were previously for sale with other REALTORS(c) some multiple times, often with very good big name teams and even in hot markets.
  3. Out of every 20 home-owners that interview us for the job of selling their home, 19 hire us and in surveys conducted by our office over 98% of our clients said they felt they did indeed get an advantage by having us represent them once their transaction was completed. Once people see the difference in our approach versus even the best of our competition they are willing to set aside past obligations and personal relationships so as to maximise their return on investment. Once they put us to work they see results!

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Give us just ten days and let's see if we can sell your home with a minimum of fuss, for a premium and save you up to 25% off your Real Estate Fees. Does this sound too good to be true? The truth is ALL the Top REALTORS will try and sell your home before it actually goes onto MLS in a passive way, often they will pocket huge profits with very little effort. We have simply automated this process with proprietary software and systems that allow us to do the same in a much more proactive way. This helps us to create an environment where owners get top dollar and we share the saving / extra profit with them.

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Here is what our clients are saying about the PPS System:

"I was skeptical at first, though Steven and the team were very honest and let me know there were no guarantees my home would sell using this program, I may have to resort to conventional methods.  However, I was also told if there was built up demand for a home like mine they would find it. Yes they did! I got more for my home than I had originally anticipated and saved $10,000 of the fees while being represented by the top agent at RE/MAX. How can you beat that?" - Andrew Wardle, Home Owner.

I sold my family home using this program and saved over twenty thousand dollars in fees! I then completed a home I was building and used the program again. I saved even more on that! This team has knowledge and systems unlike any I have seen before and I have sold a lot of Real Estate. - John Adams, Home-owner and Luxury home builder.

Your success is not dependent on market conditions, in good markets or bad the marketing approach used to sell your home will often be the difference between success or failure, or at the very least... The difference between a fair price and a great price!  Talk is cheap... Our team leader, Steven sold seven homes for full list price during the worst year of the last real estate recession.  Our team members are always at the top of the statistical score sheets for RE/MAX agents worldwide when we compare selling prices to average sales, and the time we take to sell a home. Does this sound too good to be true? 

The simple truth is all of the top REALTORS in the top 1% have a marketing budget. However, while many homeowners think their home is being advertised, it is often being used primarily as part of a larger campaign to brand the agent, get more listings and attract buyers for their team. Our targetted approach leverages Steven's experience as VP of Marketing for two of Canada's most progressive and aggressive web based companies.  

We define who your most likely buyer will be,  and execute a tailor-made plan designed with the single-minded goal of selling your home. This sounds very similar to a conventional agent but the approach and results are nothing like the status quo! Because several of our marketing systems are actually protected by copyright you will have an guaranteed unfair advantage that no other agent can copy when you put our award winning team to work! 

Here is what our clients are saying about the UFA System:

Steven and the team don't just sell homes, they do much more than that. The couple who bought our family home met us and informed me they were so excited to find our place because they had been searching for months without success prior to finding our home!  Little did they know, our home was listed for the same price with another REALTOR for most of the time they were previously looking.  I am now convinced the right marketing approach can find the ideal buyer for your home and get them excited about it and the wrong approach will cost you time and money. Our success proves this team are unequivocally the leaders in marketing homes to appeal to those most likely to pay you a great price.. - Charles Furney, Home Owner

Several months after selling, we were invited back to our old home by the people who had purchased it so we could explain how the different systems worked and offer some gardening advice. I got a chuckle when the new owner pulled out a brochure for our home that was made by the agent that had it listed for 18 months prior to your team taking over. He explained how they had read that brochure and decided the home was not a good fit for them, but when they saw the new listing on their computer, it looked sounded perfect for them. Which it is, they are very happy there. I am convinced that had anyone else had that home listed we would still be living there. - Kirsten Christensen, Home-owner.

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