How We Can Help You Buy a Home

Some people believe shopping for a home is easier without a REALTOR®. Others think selling a home is hard but any agent can help you buy. Take a moment to understand how we can help you buy smarter and with less stress. Let our experience and expertise be your competitive advantage. 

We are experienced consultants and we are on your side.  Our style is consultative, not combative. We will educate and inform you every step of the way so you can make good decisions you are comfortable with. We will never pressure you into buying the wrong home or paying too much and we will be patient and diligent. Chances are you will end up dealing with a REALTOR® who represents the seller when you write an offer.  Doesn’t it make sense for you to also have a Realtor® by your side  who knows you, has a full appreciation of what you need and what you feel comfortable spending? Someone who is in your corner. A consultant with the knowledge and experience of the market and what’s important to you.

We can help you define your criteria.  You don’t shop for a home every week. We do!  We can use our experience to help you understand what is important to you.

We can find homes you cannot.  We have access to exclusive listings as well information on homes that are off the market but the owners are willing to sell.

We understand value.  Many times when buyers look at homes they make decisions on value based on list prices.  We know what homes are worth based on sold prices.  Often we buy homes for our clients for less than they were willing to initially bid.  We can also let you know if you're planning to bid too low and risk alienating the seller and having them become inflexible.

We can offer alternatives.  We are in homes for sale every day.  Often we find the right home for clients where they had no intention of even viewing the property.  Advertising can be misleading, if you are working with us we will always be looking... even when you are not.

We can help you handle the emotions.  We do this all the time, so we won’t let you over pay in a heated multiple offer situation and we will ensure you don’t get nervous and miss your ideal home.  There are many emotions along the path to home ownership, helping you manage them is a big part of our job.

World Class negotiation. There is at least a 5% swing between the best negotiators and those who have never mastered the skill.  5% is a lot when you think of a home purchase.  Our team has top class negotiators and we have the statistics to prove that to you.

We will take care of the details. There is a lot of paperwork, hundreds of things that can and will go wrong during an offer and purchase cycle.  We will prevent 80% of the potential issues with a well-written contract and a proactive process.  As we move along we will spot most other issues before you are even aware they happened. You can concentrate on moving into your new home.