The Supporting Cast

Behind the scenes we have several of the best support and marketing staff in the business:

Annette Jensen - Client Support & Marketing Manager

Annette Jensen leads our team of client support, administrative & marketing staff.  We have two permanent members of the team and contract out some of the more specialized tasks. Everyone on our team is driven by the same commitment to excellence. 

Matt Van Emmerik - Photography

Matt takes professional pictures of every home we list and we show them off on our web site to show them off in full high definition. With over 90% of buyers looking on line to choose which homes they will view it is critical that buyers get the best impression.


Krystelle Ambrus - Brochures

Once we have photography Krystelle makes the home come to life on paper. She builds beautiful brochures so when buyers review the homes they have toured, yours will stand out!


Kate Martin - Conveyancing

Once the home is sold Kate will liaise with the lawyer for both parties. There are literally hundreds of things that can make a deal fall apart even after an offer has been accepted. Kate makes sure 99% of these issues are dealt with before they are a problem and our clients are not even aware. If there is an issue she lets us know in time to deal with it proactively on your behalf.


Lissi Jensen - Administration and Alberta Liaison

Lissi handles web site & CRM administration. She also takes care of daily marketing tasks and because she is in Alberta she can give personal service to clients and REALTOR® partners in what is still our most important market. Lissi also manages our accounting systems.



We have developed relationships with many different professions and service providers. Whether you need the best mortgage rate, the best legal advice or just the best price on moving or new furniture. We can help, just email us and we will connect you.