Our Unique Marketing

Why is it so important to understand the marketing plan?


There are four factors that will influence how much money you can net from the sale of your home:
  1. Location. This we cannot change. 
  2. Pricing. Setting the right asking price is the responsibility of the owner with education and some guidance from our team.
  3. Marketing.  Executing a well thought out marketing plan is our responsibility and we will take care of all of those details with some input and insight from owner.
  4. Negotiation.  This is where the owners get to make some decisions about negotiating strategy while relying very heavily on our guidance and experience.

The classic mistake many sellers make is to pick the REALTOR® who tells them the highest price.  In reality, all of the agents in the top 1% know pretty much what your home will sell for. What they tell you depends on their strategy and integrity.  We give you the data and show you how to interpret it and share with you what the realistic price range is.  Then you decide where you would like to price the home.

The REALTOR® has very little effect on the actual realistic price range, this is just information they will give you.  Similarly, they have no effect on the location either, so you need to focus your evaluation on the two things a great REALTOR® can impact substantially:  the negotiating skill of the REALTOR®, and the strength of their marketing plan are the determining factors in how much you net working with one agent versus another.  

It is easy to lose or gain 3-5% in the last few hours of a listing.  So you need to ensure whoever represents you has a much higher than average list-to-sale ratio. Those statistics are available.  It is much harder to evaluate a marketing plan.  Hence it is important to understand exactly what an agent will do to sell your home.

What we will do to sell your home for the best price in the fastest time possible with the fewest hassles.

  1. We will conduct an M.L.B analysis.  This is where we establish who is the most likely buyer of your home based on demographics, geography and socio economic data.  In many cases through experience we already know the types of people most likely to buy your home and how to market specifically to them. Sometimes we have to think outside the box for a unique property and almost always there are multiple potential buyer profiles.
  2. We then develop a 30 day marketing plan specific to your property. The plan will include web and print advertising as well as good old-fashioned networking with the other top REALTORS®.   Our scope of advertising is very comprehensive. If you have a luxury property on the lake you may find it in magazines in first class lounges around the world.  If you have a townhouse in an urban area you may find it promoted in your local coffee shop.  We also have some exclusive contracts such as front page advertising in the Calgary Oilfield news.  We study who reads print publications and how often to carefully select the right position for our advertising.
  3. We also invest in paid web advertising because it allows us to monitor the results through sophisticated software.  It is critically important to execute the plan and monitor the amount and type of activity. Because we know the best chance to sell the home for top dollar often comes in the first few weeks of listing and if it does not sell in 30 days we will have enough data to ensure going forward our plan is more targeted, more specific and more effective.

Some of our marketing includes those things everyone knows should be done but not everyone has the time or resources to do. Having a team gives us an advantage and being in the top 1% gives us the financial resources to operate on a level at which few can compete.  We also use some techniques and technology that no other agent or team utilize.  We don’t discuss much of what we do in public forums, but  we welcome the opportunity to explain what we do that is so different from even our best competition in the privacy of your home or our office.

The unique, specific and targeted marketing plans we build for our clients are without question giving them a distinct advantage in a very competitive market.  The results we deliver are proof of how effective they are when compared to traditional marketing.  To book a free consultation to discuss how we would approach the sale of your home call 250.575.1432 or e-mail steven@bergghomes.com today.