Your Home is Unique and the Approach to Sell it Should Be Too!

Steven, our luxury home selling specialist was the first REALTOR® in the Okanagan to be inducted into the International Institute Of Luxury Home Marting's Million Dollar Guild. An award presented to those with outstanding luxury home marketing. When compared to other Luxury Home Specialists, Steven may not sell as many homes because we are very selective about the amount of homes over $1m we list. Our business model requires that we list very few and sell them all as opposed to mass listing and having a small percentage sell. OMREB sales data from 2010-2017 shows Steven is second to none in actually selling the homes that he lists.

"I see a luxury home as a Rolex, not a Timex. I don't want to list a whole bunch of homes attract luxury buyers and sell them something else. I want to list a select few properties with owners that are committed to selling then work with them to execute a well funded thoughtfully targeted plan and get the home SOLD! There are REALTORS(c) who invest heavily in branding so when you think of listing a luxury home you call them first. If you are serious about selling your home, call me for an interview too and see how we actually get them SOLD " - Steven Bergg

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Success Leaves Clues...

When you decide you may want to sell your property the REALTOR® statistical data has always shown you choose will make a substantial difference in the amount of money you net, the time & trouble it takes. Success really does leaves clues:

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