Why Choose Us?

Here is why our past clients would suggest you consider interviewing us for the job of selling your home:


We Are Experienced Consultants and we are on your side

Our approach is consultative not combative. We provide you with all the information and education you need to make informed decisions. Our sales skills are second to none, but we use those for you, not against you. Our job is to help you make good decisions and keep you educated and update every step of the way.

Guaranteed Results

We will share with you a detailed specific marketing plan for your home. This plan will be based on proven methods and exclusive programs.  If we were ever to fail to do what we say you can end our contract at any time. We put that in writing. We want our relationship to be founded on mutual trust and respect not a contractual obligation.

Proven Results

Everyone talks a good story but it is RESULTS that count. When we get together we’ll show you how we have recently sold homes fast and for top dollar in your area. We moved our practice to the Okanagan during the worst market in decades. In the first 20 months of our partnership we sold 44 million dollars worth of real estate. These sales were a lot faster than the average and for sold higher than the average selling price. We will share the data from the Okanagan mainline real estate board when we meet and prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt we can get the job done.

Specific, Measurable and Formidable Marketing Plans

We think first and then act. Experience tells us who will be the most likely buyers for your home. We will launch a marketing plan designed to specifically target those buyers as well as the market in general. We will tell show you how, day by day for the first 30 days exactly what we will do to maximise the exposure of your home. With a proven plan, well executed we can create excitement in any market. We have proven it by selling so many homes that were previously listed with other top agents without success. In fact in the last two years we have sold tens of millions of dollars worth of homes that previously could not sell using traditional marketing. We got them all sold in a reasonable time for the price the owners wanted. We will bring many examples for you.

World Class Negotiation

Even in the less than stellar 2012 market our team sold five homes for FULL list price in the first seven months. According to OMREB MLS data that’s more than any other agent or any other team at any company in the region. Of course, a well executed marketing plan can generate excitement around a listing. However, it is not enough to simply generate excitement. You must know how to leverage that advantage skilfully to maximise the selling price of the home without alienating the buyer. We will keep you informed and in charge every step of the way explaining the risks and rewards of any given strategy you have available to choose. OMREB data shows you will walk away with more money in your pocket having us represent you.

A Team of Professionals

Many REALTORS® work alone, some work with a partner and may even have an assistant too.  A team can be just a few agents working together or an agent who has rookies working under them.  Our team offers our valued clients experience and a culture of execution.  We say what we do, and we do what we say.  In addition to our team of licensed REALTORS®, marketing experts and administrative staff we contract four other non licensed staff, all of whom are experts in their field.  By having the right support staff in place we can ensure our marketing plans are executed and our REALTORS® have time to do what is most important; promoting, showing and selling our listings. Of course, everyone wants to offer thier clients the best service, but if you don't have the time or resources to make it happen how can you?  

Our Investment

In addition to having a team to ensure With thousands of homes on the market you need to ensure you are working with a high producing agent that has a business that generates enough revenue to pay for a full advertising and marketing program.  Just because an agent is a high producer does not mean they spend the money on marketing. There are several different philsophies among the those of us at the top. Our culture is to make some charitable contributions, pay ourselves a good wage for hard work done and then put all of the rest of the money back into marketing and promotion of our listings. 

Service for Life

Our goal is not just to sell your home. We want to create such a positive experience for you that you become our customer for life! Many of our clients have been so impressed with our marketing and customer service they introduced us to friends and family looking to make a move even before we have sold their home. To us that is the ultimate sign of a mutual respect and trust.

Our Reputation

The overwhelming majority of homes are transactions between REALTORS®. So in a market with thousands of homes for sale it is important to have an excellent relationship with as many agents as possible. Our team is well respected in the real estate community as a group of very hard working professionals that are driven to get the deal done. We are always willing to lend a hand to someone new to the industry and we do many transactions with the other agents in the top 1%.

You Have a Better Chance of Getting Lucky!

Even if your home is priced correctly, with the best marketing plan in the business that is perfectly executed you still need a little luck to maximise the sale of your home. We get lucky all the time! We believe that lady luck follows around those that work hardest and our team works very, very hard. We are willing to work longer hours, spend more on advertising, make more phone calls and never, never ever give up until your home is sold. We will do whatever it takes to get you to where you need to be, when you need to get there. That is our promise to you.
So if you are thinking of selling... we would be honored to have an interview for the job of representing you in the transaction. Call us right now at 250.575.1432 or email by clicking here.